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Port Fairy SLSC News #8

Port Fairy SLSC News #8 2011/12
January 17th 2012

Long time club member Paul Buchanan put his life saving skills to good use last weekend in a dramatic incident at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport.

Paul had just returned from a break in Mildura and was queuing on the tarmac waiting to enter the terminal when a gentleman beside him suddenly gave a loud gasp and began to collapse. Paul was able to grab the man, ease him to the ground and put him in the recovery position where a quick check revealed that he wasn’t breathing. Paul then performed CPR on the man including rescue breathing and chest compressions and requested that someone find a Defibrillation Unit. One or two of the bystanders were able to offer some assistance but Paul, armed with his lifesaving training and general fitness, had taken charge of the scene and the responsibility of trying to save the man's life.

(image: Paul Buchanan with his daughter Alice)

With the arrival of the Defibrillation Unit, which was the same model as the ones that Paul had been trained in, Paul was able to affix pads to the man’s chest and administer a shock. At this stage the emergency services team arrived, most likely fires services paramedics, and Paul was able to hand over to them. For 20 minutes Paul had put his training into practice and was the man's only hope of survival - as Paul said “It’s vitally important to train effectively, keep your training up to date and be confident in using your skills as you never know when you might be called upon to use them - both at the beach and in everyday life.”

Later that day Paul was contacted by the Federal Police who advised that the man was in hospital in an induced coma, where he remains to this day.

The club congratulates Paul for his actions on the day and for reminding us all that lifesaving is just that - the opportunity to put skills into practice and actually save someone’s life.

Meanwhile there was plenty of activity at the beach this week as locals and visitors alike took to the water to enjoy all that Port Fairy’s East Beach has to offer. The extra Nippers holiday sessions held on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the 1st two weeks of January again received a great response with many vacationing youngsters joining in with the locals for fun and friendship both during and after the Nippers sessions. After 7 sessions in 14 days Nippers now reverts back to Sundays only where it will continue to run until the end of February.

A big thank you from the club to all the age managers that helped run each session, as well as to the water safety personnel and all the parents who assisted in whatever capacity they could. A thank you also to the BBQ team for ensuring the availability of hot food for the Nippers as soon as they exited the water.

This Sunday’s Nippers session doubles as the annual Club Championship so we would encourage all Nippers to turn up for a morning of fun and friendly competition. On Saturday the 28th of January the third state junior carnival for the season will be held at Warrnambool. It’s a great bonus having the carnival so close to home and a great opportunity for any locals to get along and see what a carnival entails. Nippers wishing to take part should contact the club or advise us at this Sunday’s Nippers session.

Please enjoy the beach and remember to always swim between the flags and heed the directions of life guards at all times.

For Administration enquiries please contact Paul Nash on Mobile: 0400 801 317 Office: 5568 2246 or Email: