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Plant Wins Silver

Nippers were again in action this week at East Beach in the third-last session for this season. Good weather and nice waves combined to make it a very pleasant Sunday morning indeed.

Also in action were Elizabeth Doueal and her group of trainees for the bronze medallion and surf rescue certificates (SRC).

This training is very important for the club in both retaining the interest of our younger members, who are now too old for nippers, and encouraging new faces into the club.

As the club's chief trainer, Elizabeth has kept a group of 10 trainees busy for most of the summer learning the various skills required for their certifications. Both awards teach surf awareness, surf skills, surf rescue techniques, first aid and resuscitation.

The SRC is open to participants from 13 years of aged and the bronze from 15, with both awards qualifying the holders to join volunteer patrols where they can hone their skills further.

The training will culminate in an examination day later in the season, after which the newly qualified lifesavers will be warmly welcomed to patrols by the current patrolling members.

It is an opportune time to thank all our current patrolling members who give up at least one weekend of their own time every month to patrol our beach and provide a safe environment for all those enjoying it.

Mark Plant competed at Lorne on Sunday and took home a silver medal in the masters (over 35) ski race, before making the semi-finals of the men's open ski event.

Jake Hetherington and Isaac Martin were also on hand and ready to compete, but unfortunately competition for the day was cancelled due to administrative issues.

Several nippers have entered the state junior championships at Lorne on March 3 and 4, and the boat crews are continuing to train for the Victorian open titles at to be held at Anglesea on March 10.

Volunteer patrols continue at East Beach this weekend and the nippers will be back in action on Sunday morning.

Please enjoy the beach and remember to always swim between the flags and heed the directions of life guards at all times.


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