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Port Fairy SLSC News #14

Port Fairy SLSC News #14 2011/12
February 28th 2012

Nippers, which commenced back on December 5th, wound up for this season with the 15th and final session held last Sunday in very warm conditions at Port Fairy’s East Beach. The highlight of this season has been the enthusiasm shown by the youngsters regardless of the conditions on the day, and Sunday was no different with all participants once again very keen to take to the water.

My role as Nippers co-ordinator this season has been made much easier thanks to the assistance of club officials and parents, and of course the kids themselves. In particular I’d like to thank regular age group managers Jock Serong, Fiona Hellier, Shaun Murrihy and Martina Murrihy as well as Brooke Green, Catherine Hetherington, Dean Dwyer, Mark Plant, Antonia Balmer and Chris Sharples who filled in as age managers when required. Thanks also to all our Water Safety personnel, mainly junior members of the club, for ensuring that all Nippers safely made it back to shore. Thanks also to all the parents who assisted both in the water, on the beach and in the clubrooms. We certainly welcome the assistance and would encourage anyone who is interested to train for the Bronze Medallion next year and become part of the regular patrol teams.

Not only is being involved in the Surf Club very rewarding as an individual it’s also something that the whole family can participate in together. I’d like to thank those Nippers who have now completed their last season for their attendance over the years and encourage them to talk to Mark Plant about his youth squad and about remaining with the club in some capacity next season. Thanks also to Simeon Balmer and his band of merry helpers for their dedication in ensuring that the BBQ was always there ready to welcome the wet and hungry Nippers as they emerged from the surf after every session. Thanks to Catherine Hetherington for her role as Competition Co-ordinator and to Anthony Dixon for transporting the boards to carnivals in Warrnambool and Apollo Bay. Thanks also to the Nippers themselves that have competed at the various carnivals. It’s always a good idea to test yourself against a group wider than your usual peers and many of our Nippers were pleasantly surprised in how competitive they were in broader competition.

In that vein we wish good luck to the team of almost 20 Nippers competing in the State Championships at Lorne this coming weekend. The club presentation night, including Nippers, will be held some time in April following the conclusion of the patrol season – stay tuned for further details.

Nippers may have finished but the club is still active with the boat crews and other personnel competing in the Senior State Championships at Lorne over the Folkie long weekend and volunteer patrols continuing at East Beach right up until Easter Monday.

Please enjoy the beach and remember to always swim between the flags and heed the directions of life guards at all times.

Gerard Cashill